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31 October 2011

Appreciation for 20 year service award!!

Wow... 20 years already!!!! No wonder I felt I have no energy anymore..ha ha... I've work in Proton for 20 years already... hu hu quite long huh?... But still, I cannot quit cos of commitment!!... Waaa...but the good things is Proton will organize a dinner for people who already works in Proton for 10, 20 and 25 years. Actually this is yearly event.
As for me he he - a women, who always want to look beautiful, elegant, gorgeous!! and whatever name that similar...he he. My mind already full with a lot of idea,..he he..mcam la cantik sangat...ha ha...
First what is the theme?... I ve heard it is red and black theme..well not much challenge :(... 2. how to look nice and attraction?... Its must be the dress right? (sebab muka tak lawa)... Hem mmm google first!!

NIce tak?
This One?

this one?

Ada lagi...:)
Ni kalau nak pakai skirt la kan :)
Copy from Stylish Muslimah blogspot
Elegant kan?
Menarik kalau warna hitam,dan merah!!!

Punyer la banyak google dan survey...tapi sempat ker nak tempah? Hrm... I think I raise my hands... 2nd option boutique to boutique survey?...Boutique? wow..sound like I've lot number with a lot  zero at the back sigh!! ha ha... I do have that much of money...then Pick and match la dear he he....
Until now, i did not buy anything yet!!..hik hik...
However, I did buy something!!..he he guess what.. to look something different, I'd bought a few make up from Bodyshop. It's not to "bangga" myself..ha ha... it's just I've free time at that time and some more, when I went to SACC mall to look around if I can find something for that night, I caught my self of buying something (that not even in mind) to buy a make-up..ha ha...
I've no time to snap a picture that i've bought from BodyShop but I have copy similar pic (which is I download from google of coz!)...
Here we are..jeng jeng....
similar that I've bought during Proton day
to cover of my pigmentation and dark spot
Black and Brown
hik-hik this one I do not buy because I've change my mind to buy from Daisho (quite cheaper)
On thr next day, shopping lagi...actually I need to buy supplement. (maklumlah dah masuk 40 over ni)... Bila dah melangkah ke Watson tu, macam-macam pula yg di beli...everything to just to look nice on the night.. wink! wink!....
inspire by Eynda blog he he
picture from heavenlygorgeous.blogspot
See...I think the cost already similar to the dress that I not yet buy for that night... Nampak gaya macam pakai baju yg ada dalam closet jer nih hu hu....

Tommorow, there will be briefing for all awards recipients. Maybe I can get more picture what my dinner dress will gonna a be...

Till then ..daaa...

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